Q1.For 2017 Scholarship, what is the applicable period of study?


The applicable period of study is for the academic year starting in the fall of 2017. The applicants should have decided to enter or high probability to do so in the fall of 2017. Those that have already started the schooling (those in the second year or later in the schooling process) will not be considered for the scholarship program.

Q2.Is the scholarship limited to Japanese nationals?

A2.No limitation on nationality. Anyone who intends to contribute to the development of the Japanese society can apply.

Q3.Can I apply even if I have received scholarship from other sources?

A3.Yes. You may apply even if you have received or applied other scholarship programs. We may ask questions on your status with other scholarship programs for our reference.

Q4.Are there any specific rules on how the scholarship funds are used?

A4.There are no specific rules on how the funds are used as long as the purpose is related to the study abroad. For example, you may use it for tuition, living expenses, or any other expenses related to your studies.

Q5.Is there a repayment obligation for the scholarship?

A5.No, there is no repayment obligation in general. However, the Foundation may stop the payment and/or request for repayment in the following circumstances. ① Usage of the scholarship amounts for the purposes not intended by the scholarship ② Discontinuance of the studies by illness or other reasons ③ Determination of the guidance professor that the continuance of the education is inappropriate ④ Determination that the recipient has hurt the reputation of the Foundation as its sponsored student ⑤ Determination that the student is not suitable to be a recipient of the scholarship

Q6.Where does the interview take place? Am I responsible for the travel expenses?

A6.The interviews are conducted in Tokyo and the Foundation will reimburse the travel expenses within Japan. For those who are applying from abroad, we will make individual arrangements, such as telephone interview or video-conference.

Q7.What kind of meetings do you hold, before and after the study starts?

A7.(1)Meeting before leaving for the study abroad: It will be like an orientation meeting. Also the meeting aims to deepen the understanding among those who are accepted into the scholarship program. Below are the main agenda: – Duration: 1 day – Administrative procedures regarding scholarship payment – Information on the guidelines of the scholarship and Foundation. – Message from the chairman of the Foundation. – Presentation by the accepted scholarship candidates about themselves and discussion. (2)Meetings during the study period The Foundation will hold seminars and social gatherings abroad, i.e. US and Europe. The Foundation expects the Scholarship recipients to attend its events during the study period. Below is the primary program outline: – Duration: 2 nights/3days – Meeting of all scholarship recipients and sharing of information – Communication with the officers of the Foundation – Discussion with a theme – Communication with entrepreneurs – Lecture by a guest speaker (plan) The events would be opportunities to deepen the relationship among the scholarship recipients and sources of additional vitality. The scholarship recipients will have opportunities to make external connections outside of the academia and deepen the relationships. All expenses (i.e. transportation and lodging) will be provided by the Foundation.

Q8.What kinds of events will be held by the Foundation?

A8.(1)Events during the study period are as described in Q7 (2). (2)There are also events for those who completed the studies under the scholarship. Periodically, there will be events with specific themes with opportunities to discuss with entrepreneurs and leaders in various fields. Through these events, the participants would be able to sharpen their skills and solve problems on a variety of issues.

Q9.What is Network Community?

A9.It is a community as prescribed in the outline of the Foundation. The Foundation scholarship recipients are expected join as members of this community. As a community of leaders who agree to the principles of the Foundation, it has already started activities beyond the traditional barriers. The Scholarship recipients will be added to this community of leaders for further development. Also, there will be a web-site with the access limited to this community’s members to share information among the members.

Q10.What do I need to write for the review reports?

A10.The review reports could be about the things that you have learned during your study abroad, how the scholarship has helped you, and messages to the future scholarship recipients. The reports will be used for the future operations of the Foundation as well. The reports will not be evaluated.

Q11.How will the Scholarship be disbursed?

A11.For each year, the scholarship will be disbursed in 2 installments of 500,000 JPY each.

Q12.What is the currency of the payment for the Scholarship?

A12.USD for those studying in the US and EURO for those studying in Europe . The JPY/USD or JPY/EURO exchange rate on the day of the wire-transfer will apply.(Any fees associated with the transfer will be borne by the Foundation.)