Greetings from the Chairman

神山治貴 Kamiyama Foundation was realized as a result of thinking about contributing something to society based on my experience to date since I founded Macnica, Inc. The operating objectives of the foundation are determined from a broad-based examination by the preparatory committee.

We now believe that one of the most important things we must do is to foster the development of the next generation of leaders who can build a bright future for our country with a global perspective. Albeit with our modest strength, we will strive to accomplish this mission.

In the face of rapid changes, globalization is more indispensable than ever. We at Kamiyama Foundation will provide support to those young people who will look seriously out to the world for the accumulation of knowledge and experience. We hope they become leaders in future who will contribute to a healthy society, and economic growth as well as cultural and artistic progress, all with a global vision.

I hope that these activities will add to the bright future of our country.

January 2013 Chairman